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To promote safe and proper weight loss and receive the education you need to keep the weight off for good, Nicole Winterhalter, AGPCNP-BC, and the team at Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics provide personalized medical weight loss packages. Based in Holmdel, New Jersey, the practice combines nutrition, physical activity counseling, and behavioral therapy to help you reach your goal weight. Rest assured, you can get the support you need for your unique circumstances. Book your weight loss consultation through the website or call to schedule by phone.

Weight Loss Q & A

Which type of weight loss treatment is most effective?

There isn’t a magic pill you can take to drop pounds. Instead, it’s important to learn how your body utilizes fuel, how to control portion sizes, and how you can incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine. 

These are some of the highly effective components of a medical weight loss plan from Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics.

Nutritional counseling 

Nutritional counseling is a personalized approach to learning about food. Your provider listens to your normal dietary habits and learns about which foods you enjoy. They identify a recommended caloric intake based on sound nutritional guidelines.

Your provider then spends quality time educating you about nutrition and healthy eating practices. They even put together a fitness plan that identifies current needs and recommended solutions. 

hCG diet

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) helps you burn off large amounts of stored fat. This is highly beneficial if you have body fat that seems resistant to exercise and a healthy diet. To enhance the effects of hCG, your provider carefully designs a low-calorie diet that includes protein-rich foods that are low in carbohydrates and fat. 

What happens during a medical weight loss consultation?

When you come to Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics for your weight loss consultation, your dedicated practitioner sits and talks with you about your weight goals. They calculate your body mass index (BMI) by getting your current weight. Your provider may also gather some measurements to help you track your success along the way.

During your medical weight loss consultation at Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics, your practitioner also:

  • Educates you about proper portion sizes
  • Teaches you about healthier food alternatives
  • Counsels you about healthy cooking methods
  • Coaches you about how to shop at the grocery store

You leave your consultation feeling empowered to make healthy decisions, so your weight loss journey is a success from Day 1. 

How much weight can I lose with medical weight loss?

The possibilities are endless! Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics providers have helped clients lose as little as 10-20 pounds and up to 100 pounds or more. 

The team even specializes in helping new moms get back to their pre-baby weight. As long as you’re focused and dedicated to your weight loss plan, the team can help.

You can begin a highly effective weight loss plan at Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics. Get started by booking a weight loss consultation online or over the phone today. 

Individual results may vary.