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Reflexology is a healing technique that helps clear any channels of blocked energy. Nicole Winterhalter, AGPCNP-BC, and the team at Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics in Holmdel, New Jersey, provide reflexology services to lift your mood, reduce pain, and enhance your overall well-being. If you’re interested in reflexology treatments, schedule an appointment through the website. You can also call to schedule by phone.

Reflexology Q & A

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology involves applying various degrees of pressure to certain points on your feet, hands, and ears. These points are linked to specific systems (like your circulatory system) and organs.

Reflexologists apply pressure to certain points based on any issues or concerns you’re experiencing. This effect keeps your qi, or vital energy, flowing freely throughout your body, so all systems function at their peak. 

Reflexology can also help calm your central nervous system and promote deep relaxation, much like massage. If anything in your body isn’t functioning properly, or if you’re experiencing ongoing pain, reflexology may be just the solution you need. 

What can reflexology treat?

Reflexology is highly beneficial for many types of health issues, as well as to promote healing associated with an injury. Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics reflexologists can tailor your reflexology session to:

  • Decrease pain
  • Boost fertility 
  • Enhance digestion 
  • Minimize nerve problems
  • Minimize stress and anxiety
  • Resolve headaches and migraines
  • Improve your mood and overall well-being
  • Improve side effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Reflexology may also help with side effects associated with cancer drugs. It’s often used in conjunction with anyone undergoing cancer treatment. 

When you come to Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics for reflexology, your provider talks with you about your concerns, so they can better tailor your reflexology experience.

When can I expect results with reflexology?

Immediately. As soon as your reflexologist applies pressure to restore the flow of qi, you should feel an instant release, especially if you’re in pain or have anxiety. As your qi continues to balance out over the following days, you should notice ongoing improvements with your overall health and balance. 

You may experience some slight tenderness, particularly on your feet, after reflexology. But otherwise, you shouldn’t have any side effects and you can immediately return to your normal activities. 

Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics offers reflexology as a standalone service you can book to target specific issues, or you can add reflexology to any massage service. 

Find out all of the benefits reflexology has to offer by booking an appointment at Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics today. You can schedule either online or over the phone. 

Individual results may vary.