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Acne might be especially common in teenagers, but severe or recurring outbreaks can negatively impact your confidence at any age. At Integrative Health & Wellness in Holmdel, New Jersey, Nicole Winterhalter, AGPCNP-BC, and the highly skilled team provide lasting solutions to pimples and blemishes. For expert evaluation and treatment of your acne, call the medspa or book your appointment online today.

Acne Treatments Q & A

What causes acne?

Acne is a highly common skin condition that can occur on and off throughout your life. A blemish starts when the hair follicles in your skin get clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. 

Soon, the affected follicles become inflamed and form red pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads on your skin’s surface. Sometimes, they form solid nodules deep under the surface.

Acne breakouts are often linked to hormones and hormone fluctuations. That’s why you probably had several as an adolescent going through puberty. 

Although they’re common during puberty, you can get them at any point in your life. Flare-ups can get worse during periods of stress, during menstruation, and while taking certain medications.

When should I ask my doctor about acne treatments?

No matter how troublesome they seem, many acne breakouts clear up shortly after they appear with a little home care, such as cleansers and over-the-counter products. You should book an appointment for professional acne treatment at Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics if your acne:

  • Is severe
  • Persists beyond home care
  • Keeps coming back
  • Occurs with other symptoms (faintness, trouble breathing)

If your acne affects your self-esteem and you haven’t found relief, it’s time to find a lasting solution. If you feel like you’ve tried every tip and trick without success, the team at Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics can lend an expert hand.

What kinds of acne treatments are available?

At Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics, you can get top-notch, powerful treatments for your acne that go beyond anything you can find at the drugstore. After looking over your skin and asking about the characteristics of your acne breakouts, the team may recommend:

Acne facials

Acne facials are specialty skin treatments that deeply cleanse your skin without drying it out. They control your skin’s oil production and leave your skin feeling smooth and looking clearer than before.

High-frequency current treatments

High-frequency current treatments employ a current of electricity that passes through a glass electrode and into your skin. 

You might feel a light zap or shock as the electrode touches your acne-prone skin, but the treatment is tolerable and doesn’t require anesthesia. The electricity kills bacteria within your pores to eliminate existing acne and prevent new lesions from forming.

If severe or recurring acne is the first thing you see each morning in the mirror, call Integrative Wellness & Aesthetics or book a consultation for acne treatment online today.

Individual results may vary.